An Offset Press And Four Color Copies

Almost every day there are people walking into a printing service and ordering color copies of some brochure, pamphlet, or presentation on paper. The printer checks over the materials to see if any corrections need to be made. They then tell the customer when they should return to pick up the printed material. Then the material starts going through the process of being developed.

The process the printer follows was first developed over one hundred and fifty years ago. A fellow by the name of Richard Marc Hoe developed the first lithographic rotary offset printing press in 1843. This method uses a round metal cylinder to press an imprint of a image onto a rubber covering.

One had to use the photographic technique of taking a picture and producing a negative. This negative is used to create the image that will be printed. This process has improved greatly with the arrival of digital computers. These computers have the ability to make a negative that can be used.

The negative is connected to the cylinder made of metal. The cylinder spins around continuously when the press is working. There are a number of devices that moves the ink the printer places in the machine to where it is applied to the document.

The printer will place some ink into an ink duct. Ink moves onto a roller and gets spread along the surface as the roller rotates. Ink is transferred from one roller to the distribution rollers. These rollers place the ink on the printing plate and then onto the rubber blanket. When paper is pressed against the rubber blanket, then the image is completely transferred.

These steps are repeated over again depending on how many different colors have been requested. Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black are the four primary colors used in printing. These colors combined make red, green, and blue, which are considered secondary colors. Together they all can create a rainbow of possibilities for the appearances that can be produced on the documents.

When the customer comes back into the shop they will receive the color copies they requested. They may walk away appreciative of the work that was performed for them. Perhaps, they might even take a second to think about how it was accomplished.

Fax machines are not a unit of the past, many are still using them today. With an offset press, you could make color copies that look great.

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