An Introduction To RN

Registered nursing stands out as the most popular occupation in healthcare. RNs work directly with patients in many different specializations and settings.

Registered nurses can find work in practices, medical centers, outpatient facilities as well as in hospital critical care units or specialty establishments. RNs may also want to work in ERs, helping surgeons in operating rooms, or in pediatric services.

According to official data, salaries for RNs start around around $47,000 for newbie nurses to about $63,000 for more experienced nurses. Specialized nurses, like ER, make an additional 10 percent.

To become a registered nurse, you can get a bachelor of science in nursing, or BSN, a master’s degree in nursing, or MSN, a 2-year associates degree called an ADN, or attend a three-year hospital diploma program. Many RNs who start their careers with an ADN or a diploma may wish to get a BSN or perhaps take an accelerated mastery degree in nursing, combining 2 years of graduate study with 12 months of a BSN program. To decide which is the best choice, consider what interests you about nursing. ADN and diploma courses are more practical, while BSNs and MSNs are educational degrees focusing theory and research. If you wish to eventually become an administrator or enter a higher level specialty like nurse practitioner, an advanced degree is commonly required. Finally, to become a RN, you must successfully pass the national licensing exam, known as the NCLEX-RN.

To become a successful RN, it will help to get familiar with hospital environments, by taking an internship or working as a nurse’s aide. Any experience you can gain caring for patients will likely be helpful in guiding your future career. An advanced degree or accreditation will help you move up in a particular specialty and earn a higher salary. And finally, a positive attitude is essential to the profession of nursing. The work is fulfilling but also difficult and exhausting. RNs need to be caring and compassionate and patient. If you’ve got the right attitude, motivation and instruction, this career may be a great choice for you.

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