The Proper Way Of Tracking Your Children

The dawn of technology eased the process of tracking your children. Installing applications on their digital toys simplifies the procedures of locating their whereabouts. However these tools can still fail especially if the kid is technical. It would be better to enforce discipline even in such a young age. This will enable them to protect themselves without your assistance. Just do not nag them to avoid triggering their rebellious nature. Children have the tendency to ignore long sermons.

Have the habit of jotting down their schedule. Give them curfews and be firm about it. Provide them consequences in case they violate it. Never grew tired of explaining why you are implementing such rule. Use storybooks, news clips or tabloids for this ordeal. Having a visual aid will somehow instill the lessons you want to impart.

Contact their teachers or talk to their classmates parents in case they engage in any extra-curricular activities. If possible, ask them to call you every hour especially when you do not have time to accompany them. Enforce curfew but allow them to explain if they exceed the limit. Kids would not retaliate if their excuse was valid. Do not hesitate to say no if you feel that it is not worth it.

Be their friend. Mingle with their group. Try to be their best buddy. Be frank with your observation but do not force it on them. Secluding the child is not advisable. They are also social beings so respect their judgment. Find time to mingle with their peers, befriend their parents and observe silently from afar. Just be there in case they would need a second opinion.

Every child mimics their parents so be cautious of you show them. Try to observe the rules you implement. Show them how it is done. Inform them where you are and what time you will get home. Also give them an idea who you are with and what you are exactly doing. Give them an explanation in case you fail to come on time. Being a good example greatly helps in learning the importance of rules.

Spend some time with your child. Allow him to choose the activities for the day. Observe him silently. Note his preferences without throwing too many questions. Write it on a journal so you would not forget. This will give you an idea how to handle him in certain situations. However do not spoil them. Still impose limits.

Monitor their activities in Cyberspace. Learn to use the platform for this ordeal. Ask them to include you as their friends so you can observe their transaction. Inform them about the dangers of adding strangers in their account and lock sites that will jeopardize their safety. Go on stealth mode to avoid threatening their safety. Evidently they deserve some privacy.

Tracking your children can be intimidating once done with force. Win their respect to ease the process of protecting them. Have enough patience for defiant kids. Talking to them like mature adults will enable them to absorb your teaching. Limit the sermons to avoid triggering their rebellious side.

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