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Driving Safety Tips and Tricks

There are actually around 4,500 deaths nationwide caused by slip and fall accidents based on a US research in 2010. This is a worrying number of accidents. On this page are short but critical reminders for all motorcyle drivers.

Looking for the best motorcycle wash?

I was reading a review the other day from a company who sampled a large amount of different cleaners, waxes, polishes and waterless motorcycle washes. They did their test and reviews of some of the different products…and I was overwhelmed. Who would keep all those products on hand to do all the different procedures? Why do you need a wax after you polish and after you wash and according to them you need chrome polish and wheel cleaner and saddle back cleaners. Sorry, but that’s just way to many items to keep on hand. One product for every part of my motorcycle…greenKLEAN Motorcycle Wash is what I love.

Going Through a Flat Tire and Looking Back

The moment I laid eyes in this particular technology, I thought, “I would have though of that ingenious creation.” Most certainly, I did not. I just wish I did because I would personally be riding on a 30 inch gold-plated rim installed Road Glide all by myself down the middle of nowhere and some ice […]

Motorcycle Saddlebags – Four Reasons to Get Them

Riding e motorcycle does not let you liberty in taking points. Sometimes, you have to rely on your knapsacks as well as bags to carry what you need. This is often tiring to complete especially when you go on the long ride and sometimes you just want to free yourself from something that could achievable keep back your movements. If this problem occurs, you can contribute motorcycle saddle luggage as an easy solution to your issue. Here are a few advantages of motorcycle saddlebags.

The Importance Of A Battery Charger

In the 1800’s the Germans invented the first petroleum-fuelled motorcycle Since then, motorcycles have been some of the best selling vehicles in the world. If you are a rider and you are using your motorcycle for long travels or for extreme sports, you at risk of draining your battery to a certain point where it would no longer be able to meet the required power of your motorcycle.

Racing Dirt Bikes

Do You want to go into dirt bike racing?

The Significance of Motorcycle Sissy bar Bags

Through nowadays motorcycles have gotten far more common among people. The manufacturers through the modern world are manufacturing very advanced luggage accessories. Sissy bar bags have particular importance in luggage accessories. It’s a revolutionary item within the motorcycle world. They may be purchased by those motorcyclists who request long adventures. These motorcycle back packs along with saddlebags would be best luggage solution for bikers. The bags provide a corner entire motorcycle.

Keep the Cost of Motorcycle Insurance In Line

Everyone is rethinking their driving routine in view of high gasoline prices. Fortunately, they’ve come down from the painful highs of over $4 a gallon, but they’ve been steadily creeping up since then. Now prices are hovering in the range of $3 plus a gallon. Because it’s not the worst we’ve ever seen, it doesn’t seem as bad as before. Still, when you purchased a car as your main form of transportation, you didn’t imagine it to be this expensive. So you’ve finally come to the end of your endurance, and you bought a motorcycle. Good move! Unfortunately the price of motorcycle insurance is going to present you with another obstacle.

Electric Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters, there are so many brands and models to chose from that researching and reading reviews may be confusing. One can provide you freedom and pride without needing assistance from others. They appear in many capacities, colors or styles for example 3 wheel or 4 wheel. It pays to complete your pursuit and review you options before making that purchase.

Chain Wallets – Keep Your Money Protected

Many of us have been in this situation before where we lose our wallet. Perhaps we are riding on the back of a bike and it slips out of pocket? Perhaps it is stolen out of pocket by someone when we are simply walking down the street or browsing in the shop? Whatever the situation, losing your wallet can provide a great deal of annoyance for anyone and as such it may well be a good idea for you to invest in chain wallets with your next purchase.