Adding Smoked Almonds To Your Diet

Smoked almonds are made from the fruit of the tree. Millions of tons are sold every year and the largest producer is in the United States. Many people do not realize that if they pick them in the wild they could be picking the lethal bitter almond, which is used to make cyanide.

Many people think of the almond as a nut but this food is really a fruit that grows on a tree. It can be eaten when the fruit is still green but is quite sour. Still, it is a delicacy to some people. When the fruit matures it gets hard and must be shelled before eaten. The seed in the middle is then harvested and either eaten raw or processed. People have been eating them for at least 3,000 years and they have been found in tombs dating back this long. They were originally grown in the Mediterranean and are some of the very first harvested nuts.

There are over two million tons of almonds sold every year. Most, almost 80%, come from the United States. Most come from California and this is a huge crop in the state. Around three billion dollars is received in the country from sales of this seed. Most of the sales are from the shelled version.

There are bitter and sweet varieties of almond, but most people are only aware of sweet; this is the only one that is commercially produced. The bitter one can be lethal as this is what is used to make cyanide. The sweet nut is available in many different flavors, including chocolate, salted, roasted, raw, and many more.

While many times this nut is eaten by itself it can also be used in many dishes. Some cakes, cookies, and candies are made from the almond but also savory dishes. Many different types of this are sold, from flaked and sliced, to flour, milk, and butter. Some are used by people on a low carbohydrate diet.

These nuts area great source of protein and healthy fat. They have numerous health benefits; they are good for your heart and nervous system, and they lower the rise in blood sugar after eating. Also, these nuts are an excellent source of vitamin E, B vitamins, and antioxidants. These seeds are also a great source of calcium. Of course, eating too many of anything is not good for you but adding ten or twenty to your daily diet could be a healthy snack.

There are several different ways of smoking nuts. Some people put them on a pan or sheet and put them on a fire. Manufacturers usually use a form of this in factories with large equipment. There is also a cold method that is slow and complex but some people still use it. Many times it depends on how they feel the seeds will be used.

Smoked almonds come in many flavors and are made in a couple of different ways. They can be made at home by simply placing them on a pan over a fire. Most, however, are made in a factory from either a hot or cold method. They are a fantastic source of many vitamins and, when used as a healthy snack, can be a great addition to your daily diet.

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