Use Of Stainless Steel Wall Ovens Is Widespread

The use today, of stainless steel wall ovens has become extremely widespread. They save a good deal of room, and look very modern and up to date. Available in Gas, electric or convection and single, single-double and double ovens, these can be added to most kitchen layouts without much difficulty. They can even be combined with microwave ovens.

The wall-mounted units do not have cook tops. This means that designers of kitchens need to keep this in mind, and cook tops need to be added somewhere else in the kitchen. This does not need to be a drawback as more cupboard space can be provided under the cook top, and you can have a gas cook top and an electric cooker.

Installing the wall-units at a higher level than a traditional range, makes cooking much easier on your back. There is not nearly as much bending over. Compact units of 24 to 27 inches are available for smaller installations, but it is the standard size of 30 inches wide, which is most popular. Compact units are less expensive.

There are major discussions among cooks as to whether it is better to cook with gas or with electric. Although, the wall-units do exist as gas powered, these models are not nearly as common as the electric models. It is felt that the electric units cook more evenly. As gas ovens are cooler at the bottom requiring the alternating of food from rack to rack during cooking, this causes more work.

Convection ovens are also available as walled units, or can be combined with another traditional cooking single wall unit. A single unit has one door, and one temperature control. Although, this may be all that is needed in a small kitchen, a larger kitchen, or one where the cook is enthusiastic, may require something more extensive. This can be handled in one of two ways.

Single-double units are the same size as a general single unit, but they are split into two separate ovens. One part may be larger than the other. Both have their own doors, and their own temperature controls. This is an excellent option for the busy family home. A true double unit is two completely separate units, in full size. You can see that it will take up more room than the other unit. These can be installed one of the other, or side by side.

The other nice thing about wall units is the ability to mount a microwave oven above or below the single or single-double regular unit. Microwaves are large and take up a great deal of counter space this change will increase the available counter space. This combining all of the cooking units in one small area can make for a very efficient cooking environment.

In conclusion, adding stainless steel wall ovens to a kitchen design can be a great way to get the most bangs for your buck when it comes to baking and cooking space. Small kitchens and large can be fitted out with single, single-double or double units with the addition of a microwave if necessary. Have a look and see.

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