How To Make Gourmet Jams

Jam is a very popular spread among a lot of people because of its sweet taste and its smooth texture that somehow melts in the mouth. Now there are so many people who do not like to buy jam from stores because they do not know what preservatives and additives are added. That is why they actually prefer to actually make their own gourmet jams at home.

Of course the first step would be to get some fresh fruits from the market because these will be used to make the jam. The most popular choices that most people use are of course oranges, strawberries, blueberries, and grapes. Now when gathering these fruits, it is always important to wash them thoroughly first and then pluck out the seeds.

Pectin is a very important ingredient when making jam because this is the thing that will help the finished product have its special taste and nice texture. Now it is always good to first look at the instructions on how to use pectin before mixing it with the fruits. The instructions on how much to use are located in the back of the box.

The next step would be to take all the fruits and dump them into the blender. Now if one would want the jam to have a very smooth texture, then he should make sure to blend the fruits completely. However, if he would decide that he wants some remnants of fruits inside of his jam, then all he has to do is to make sure that he does not blend it completely.

After that, get a big pot, pour a little bit of water in it, and set it to a boil for a few seconds. From there, dump in all of the mashed fruits along with the pectin and mix them all around so that they all get blended. After the fruits and pectin has already been mixed, add in a little bit of sugar so that the jam will be sweeter.

Now the next part is the crucial part because one will have to observe when to stop the pot from boiling. Now when one leaves the mix to boil, he should wait for around one or two minutes before he turns off the stove. When the time has elapsed, then it is now time to let the jam cool and allow it to simmer down.

Take a bunch of empty jars and put some of the mix inside by using a funnel. For those who would really want to seal the jars so that it will be harder to open, just get a small pot and put hot water inside. Then put the jar inside the pot and let it stay there for about ten minutes before taking it out.

So as one can see, it is actually very easy to make gourmet jams at home as long as one follows these few steps. If one is business minded enough, then he will probably think of even selling his jams for a profit. Of course he will have an extremely large market because so many people love eating jam with their bread.

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