Environmentally friendly loft conversions

If you have decided to have your loft conversion, it is good to keep environmental concerns in mind. This applies to how you go about having the work done, but a loft conversion also opens up some possibilities for making your home more environmentally friendly.

The addition of solar panels is an obvious place to start. Many loft conversion companies will be able to add them while they are converting your loft. Even in East London, solar panels can provide hot water for the whole summer and half of your hot water during the rest of the year.

Loft conversions are very good for insulation. Over 40 per cent of the heat lost from a home is through the roof. The floor added as part of a loft conversion serves as insulation and can reduce energy usage significantly. Further insulation is added as well as the floor itself.

When you get a loft conversion, you may well need to replace your boiler at the same time. A change in boiler is almost always environmentally friendly as newer boilers are far more efficient. You can also change the water storage cylinder to an unvented one which will use less energy.

A major consideration when trying to convert a loft in an environmentally friendly manner is the material that you will use. It is important to buy wood from sustainable sources. This means that there is no reduction in the earth’s forests, meaning no rise in CO2 levels.

When converting a loft, skylights and windows are major considerations, environmentally speaking, as they can potentially lead to a great deal of heat loss. You should look for those with a low ‘U’ value as these will generally perform better, which means you will use less energy. It is also important to properly dispose of the waste created by the renovation work. Try and recycle whatever you can.

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