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Here at Swindon Turf we have noted the changing requests and queries from our customers. During economic duress we have looked at more methods of increasing turnover to accompany our existing garden services. With the growing popularity of bespoke gardens we’ve received more questions about fencing, decking and offering tree surgery. In this write-up we’ll explore these different opportunities.

As you are probably aware, turf has become increasingly cost effective in recent years. Some outlets produce turf on an industrial scale and sell at knockdown prices. For customers: although laying turf is actually quite simple, you may choose to hire a company to both deliver and lay your turf for larger orders. Should you choose to lay turf yourself, remember to tuck the turf in tightly with ample levels of topsoil and water. These are required to allow to establish and thrive.

So what of decking then? Contrary to popular opinion, decking too is actually cost effective and quite simple to install. DIY aficionados will find decking is, with patience and persistence, can be done with hiring manual labour. Many customers like to use decking to best celebrate their garden space for family and social gatherings. Decking is also used by home owners wishing to sell their homes.

Seasoned landscape gardeners know the business is at its height in April before steadily declining into the winter. So, using tree surgery and fencing as additional services to your customers is the smart play. Fencing is a highly profitable service for those who apply it well. Tree surgery isn’t quite so much in demand, but the needed qualifications and experiences can be gained relatively quickly.

Thanks for investing your time in this write up. We hope some of the insights we have presented will be benefit your future enterprise. During this economic downturn there are two types of business; those who fade and those who adapt and thrive. Good luck.

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