Outdoor Furniture Cushions – Welcome To The Softer Side Of Garden Living

Enjoy luxury and comfort with high quality patio furniture cushions. Using the right type of cushions is important to enjoy the most out of it. The patio cushions can enhance or spoil the look and feel of the backyard or a sunroom. Patio furniture that are commonly used in the backyard include wrought iron, wicker, teak and plastic furniture sets. It is essential to shop only those patio furniture cushions that are made out of high quality fabric with match and durable cushions.

The durability of patio furniture cushions cannot be judged with the density or quality of the foam. Because the durability of the patio cushion totally relies on the drainable quality of it. . Those cushions that are prone to be exposed to rain should consist of an open cell structure. This way the water can easily pass in and out of the cushion without clogging. Those cushions that do not have the facility to trap the water may produce internal moisture make it rotten and non-functional. High quality cushions consist of multiple layers of polyester fill, which is called as polyfill.

A patio furniture cushion with the right fabric can keep the moisture out. Instead of covering the cushions with plain old garbage bags, you can simply invest in cushions that are made out of fabrics that keep water from clogging. Most commonly sold patio furniture cushions are made out of a fabric called plush cotton. Solution-dyed acrylic cushions are long lasting and ideal for using outdoors. These type of cushions are comfortable, soft and works well during all seasons. Exposure to sun can affect the outdoor cushions. So, a teflon coating is applied to the patio furniture cushions in order to keep it vibrant and lively.

Your cushions should also include some Dacron wrap. This adds the extra fullness and shape to cushions which makes them look even more appealing for some spring, summer or fall lounging. Rather than ordinary cushions, square piece of foam inside your cushion, you have a piece that has been wrapped completely in the soft edges of Dacron. Some cushions will not say whether they include this extra layer, but you can often tell just by looking at the shape.

Knowing the inside and out of picking out patio furniture cushions can help you find the ones that will hopefully last for years. Picking out the patterns of your cushions will be the fun part. Stripes are always festive for the outdoors, with floral patterns taking a close lead. Of course, there is nothing wrong with going with solid colors. If you have an intricate wrought iron set, or many pieces, in a setting with tons of flowers and plants, then going for a simple cushion will let the eyes enjoy the scenery a little more.

Luckily, most patio cushions are designed to fit any set, whether it is teak, iron or plastic resin, so one does not have to worry that they have found the perfect pattern, but not know if it will fit. Search for quality poly fills, comfortable softness and UV resistant coatings and you can have a complete sanctuary for outside of your home.

Do you want a backyard retreat filled with laughter and sun?. You and some friends sip a cold cocktail as you watch the sun sink in the evening sky. You smile as you sink into your Adirondack chair and kick your feet up on the ottoman, both with soft cushions for your comfort. You have finally made your escape. Your favorite destination that is right outside your door.

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