When Looking For Ragdoll Kittens For Sale Northern California Breeders Will Be Able To Help

If you are looking for Ragdoll kittens for sale Northern California breeders will be pleased to help you choose a new pet. This breed is becoming increasingly popular as a house-cat. It is large and muscular. This breed is very dependent on human company and will not be happy if left alone all day while its family are all at work or in school.

The breed developed in America. It is popular with the showing fraternity as well as being the ideal house-cat. Between fifteen and twenty pounds is the average weight which is about twice that of an alley cat. Although the cats look like Siamese/Maine Coon crosses, their ancestors are long-haired alley cats, Birmans and Persians.

They are very relaxed cats. Their docile, gentle nature endears them to all cat-lovers. When picked up, they invariably flop in the person’s arms. They are tolerant of and great favorites with children. While they would seem the ideal companion for the elderly, they can cause falls because of their tendency to stay close to their owner’s feet.

The paws are large. They have blue eyes. Most of the fluffy coat consists of long guard hairs. The undercoat is not particularly dense. Grooming is best done with steel combs and brushes. With regular grooming, the cat will not shed so much. These intelligent cats pick up tricks quite easily. They enjoy being among humans and in some ways, they behave more like dogs than cats. However they can get into trouble when outdoors by tackling stray animals. They are not afraid of a confrontation.

The points of Ragdolls are darker than the rest of the body. Colors include chocolate, lilac, cream, red, seal and blue. They are a slow-maturing breed. The kittens are born white and will color up at around eight weeks of age. By three or four years of age, they have their full. Mitted cats have white paws and belly. The bicolor has white legs and belly, an inverted white ‘V’ on the face and perhaps white patches on the back. Tabby and tortoiseshell coloring is also found.

The breed has few health issues. Despite having Persian in their background, they don’t have the squashed-in nose of that breed. They are unlikely to suffer any of the breathing problems associated with such cats. Hairballs can be a problem but less so if the cat is regularly groomed. Hairball remedies can be administered and these are effective in keeping problems to a minimum. Some suffer from urinary problems.

All cats are susceptible to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). This is passed on genetically and causes thickening of the heart wall thus compromising the circulatory system. Breeding stock can now be tested for the defective gene and you should ask the breeder of your potential new pet if his stud stock are free of HCM.

To choose a healthy kitten look for bright eyes and a clean, shiny coat. The body should be nice and plump without the kitten having a pot-belly. The nose and eyes should be free of any discharge. When looking for Ragdoll kittens for sale Northern California residents will be able to find local responsible breeders.

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