Review of The Book Grit and Valor The Story of Swale

This is my review of the awesome sports book: Grit And Valor: The Story Of Swale. It is one of the greatest books on thoroughbred horse racing ever published. You can purchase at any online retailer including:, Barnes&, and

In September of 1972, they shook the very foundations of the so-called supremacy of the NHL by standing tall and proud against the best Canadian players in the world during an incredible eight game series. Two i later, they humiliated many of those same players in, yet, another eight game extravaganza. Then, game the culmination of Soviet hockey greatness. It took place in February of 1979 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

In a three game series that took the place of the traditional NHL All_star Game, the Soviet demolished the NHLer’s so thoroughly that it is still referred to as, “The Embarrassment” to this very day. From 1954 through 1992, the great Soviet Hockey Dynasty would win 21 World Championships, 8 Olympic Gold Medals, 1 Olympic Silver Medal, and 1 Olympic Bronze Medal. Would you lime to learn some info about the author? Timothy j. Thompson has earned both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree from the University of Missouri. St. Louis. He graduated with his Bachelor’s on January 10, 1999. His major area of study was United States History. Less than a year later, he was accepted into the Graduate Program at UMSL, where he majored in United States History from 1865the to Present. He also had a minor in Twentieth century European history with a special emphasis on world war one and world war two. While he was enrolled as a graduate student, Mr. Thompson wrote for the college newspaper, The Current. He served as a news reporter, and was a member of the Editorial Board. The highlight of his time at the Current was a weekly column he produced, entitled, This Week In History. He graduated with his master’s degree on January 14, 2002. Shortly there after he moved to Florida to pursue his career as a writer.

In the phenomenal military history book entitled: The Ardennes On Fire, the massive, intrigue and intensity of this dynamic engagement is examined and retold in the most thorough and compelling way. The book begins by providing the reader with a very complete and brilliant analysis of the backdrop to this great clash of arms. Everything is covered in great detail, from the tremendous shellacking the German Army suffered in Normandy, to the “September Miracle”, and all the way through their massive military buildup in the Eifel just prior to the launching of their audacious counter offensive. The reader will understand just how the German Army was able to right itself during the Fall of 1944 after suffering 466,000 casualties during the summer of 1944, and then secretly mass nearly 300,000 men, 970 tanks and armored assault guns, and 1,900 artillery pieces and mortars just opposite a supposedly quiet sector of the Western Front. Read more in History

Afterward, each and every aspect of day one of the massive German assault is examined in great detail. A full, separate chapter is devoted to each German Army’s assault, and how their fortunes faired by 11:30 PM of December 16 1944. This amazing book also contains 101 outstanding photographs, a full, comprehensive index, and five hand drawn maps that add significantly to the compelling drama. The Battle Of The Bulge was one of the most famous and brutal campaigns in the history of warfare. The Ardennes On Fire captures every thrilling aspect of it! This is a must read for any military enthusiast, and World War Two buff.

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