Hands Free Device for Car Phones

These days, it’s impossible not to find people on their cell phones at the same time doing something else. It’s common to see them in any public place, or just outdoors, and even more for those who are driving their cars. We just love to chit chat and most especially we can’t let go of our cell phones.

Can you still remember when the first cell phone was launched? I do. I had one for myself, and my friend also had hers. The phones in the olden days were so big, it’s like you’re bringing a bag along. We lugged them everywhere, and talked to each other as often as we could, and though I hate to admit it, we did use them a lot while driving, just so we could use the phones! Having those phones at that time made us feel hip! Observe the cell phones in the market nowadays. Our cell phones today have improved a great deal from the once massive to now sleek and can even do almost anything, not including windows! We wouldn’t think of going anywhere without our cell phones. Cell phones have been a big help for us women especially at these times have become unsafe for us to be anywhere in the city with no companion.

It really is dangerous to drive with one hand on the steering wheel while the other is grasping on a cell phone. The University of Utah had an analysis on cell phone use while driving and the result was that there is no difference as to the outcome with alcohol use while driving. It’s playing with fire. We do not support cell phone use while on the wheels. There are states even that plan to prohibit the use of cell phones while driving, no exceptions. Driving with a cell phone, yes, you’ll still see a lot of those in the days to come but don’t be sure that it will last by the time a law will say it’s illegal to do so. You have a choice though, a much better choice that is safe. You can be in your car driving with two hands on the steering wheel, you’ll just put on a hand’s free device on your phone. A hands free device has become a prerequisite in phone usage for drivers as stated in the California Senate Bill 1613. The bill was put into effect last July 1, 2008. Your cell phone will no longer be allowed in your car as stated in the bill, except if a hand’s free device is attached to it.

The Blue Tooth Headset that my husband have right now makes him very happy because it’s been very handy for him while he’s typing away in his computer all day. Sometimes he will have to help a client with computer related issues while talking at the same time and be on the phone for hours. Have you tried typing and at the same time holding your cell phone? It’s impossible, right? Unless if you try holding the cell phone with your neck and shoulder. However, that will create discomfort and health issues. To resolve this issue, my husband now continues to use the Blue Tooth Headset that I purchased for him a few years back and it has become a part of his everyday work, he can’t live without it!

If you use your neck and shoulders to hold your cell phone or phone next to your ear without using your hands, pressure is applied on the nerves of your neck. Stinging in the arms, hands, neck and shoulders are the consequences of this that usually leads to headaches. A hand’s free device is a good way to go, so that you won’t have to suffer headaches and body pains. You can have yourself a Blue Tooth Headset. It’s comfy, uncomplicated. It’s wireless and produces good quality sound. Motorola offers many styles and shapes to fit the needs of everyone. It has a speaker phone that you can fasten on your car’s sun visor. A wireless headset is not even necessary and it is not against the law in the California state when you drive using this.

So, remember, obey all rules of the road, and for heaven’s sake practice safe driving, and if you are going to talk on the phone, use a hand’s free device.

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