Save Money On Electricity Usage With The Most Recent LED HDTVs From Toshiba

Toshiba recently launched two new LED (light emitting diode) HDTV series that feature sharp high definition pictures and low energy consumption. The UL605 Series (three models) with NET TV and the smaller SL400 Series (four models) both have a touch-sensitive power control zone on the frame which, when touched, activates the proprietary Toshiba DynaLight. This function automatically adjusts the LEDs to lower energy consumption while maintaining picture quality. These series allow owners to Save On Energy Consumption with Latest LED HDTVs from Toshiba.

Both series feature the Toshiba exclusive Deep Lagoon Flush Front Design with an anti-reflective coating. They will match well with a gaming console or computer. Each series provides a rich sound experience by Dolby Digital +. They also have a gaming mode with zap responsiveness because the lag between remote control and on-screen action has been trimmed.

The UL605 series replace the UX600 models. The three models have a 40-inch, 46-inch or massive 55-inch screen. They deliver ultra-sharp a full-HD with 1,920×1,080 pixels of resolution (16:9 aspect ratio). Their edge-mounted light emitting diodes form the Dynalight dynamic control that is the heart of the energy saving system. The ClearFrame 120Hz Toshiba technology virtually eliminates distortion in fast-action image sequences.

The UL605 series is empowered with the Toshiba NET TV suite of streaming content. Perhaps the richest content is the VUDU streaming movie service with over 3,000 HD titles. Other VUDU platform content includes a wide range of Internet-based services and applications including music on demand from Pandora, access to Twitter and many other apps, up-to-the-minute news and updates from AP Associated Press and The New York Times, photo browsing through Picasa Web Albums Flickr and much, much more.

UL605 series models come with four HDMI ports, two USB ports and Digital Living Network (DLN) aliance file sharing. The DLNA is an international cross-industry body of consumer device firms that collaborate to progress the interoperability and networking ability of various computer, mobile and other consumer electronic products. The UL605 series facilitate the display and swapping os may files types from many modern electronic products.

The SL400 Series are designed with smaller spaces in mind such as a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, study or boat replaces. Models are available in a 32-inch, 26-inch, 22-inch and 19-inch screen size. These models come with 720p video resolution, one USB connection port and two HDMI consumer electronic control (CEC) ports that can be used to control connected devices with the TVs remote. Regardless of which series you choose you can Save On Energy Consumption with Latest LED HDTVs from Toshiba.

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