Choosing When and How To Approach Booking A Gold Coast Fishing Charter

Are you contemplating a Gold Coast fishing charter but wondering when to go in terms of time of year and also possibly which day of the week?

Also are you wondering how soon you have to book your Gold Coast fishing charter and also whether you need to assemble your own group or whether you can just come as an individual or with just a few friends?

Dealing with the question of the best time of the year to take a Gold Coast fishing charter, there are several noteworthy factors to consider.

Firstly you need to ask yourself “do I have the flexibility to choose the time of the year to book a Gold Coast fishing charter or am I really locked into a limited date range according to my work or business commitments? If your answer is that you are limited, and you are bringing a group that requires the whole boat, then it is wise to call early to get your preferred date. If, on the other hand you are just an individual wanting to go on a fishing charter, you are wise to also call early, but be aware that all boats need a minimum number of customers for the charter to go ahead. So to avoid disappointment, check that the boat you book on will be able get that number for your preferred day or that they have another plan if they don’t.

Secondly, if weather is a big issue for you in deciding when to book a Gold Coast fishing charter, you will be happy to know that Gold Coast winters are very mild and even during the coldest time of the year, it’s not really that cold compared to winters in the northern hemisphere.

The third consideration when deciding to book a Gold coast fishing charter is the question of what kind of fish you want to catch and consequently the size of fish that you want to target.

If you have decided that you have a preference to target larger fish such as marlin, mackerel, tuna and so on then you are best advised to book a Gold coast fishing charter during the summer months of the year. By the way, these fish are invariably caught through trolling.

Whereas if you are content to catch smaller fish that are found on the reefs, you have a larger range of months to choose when to book your Gold Coast fishing charter (ie from April-October)

When choosing a day of the week to book your Gold Coast fishing charter, demand peaks on the weekends. So if your holiday period is over or around Christmas, be sure to book months in advance to avoid disappointment. However during the off season (non holiday period), booking a few weeks in advance will usually suffice.

In terms of who comprises the customers on a Gold Coast fishing charter, some operators build charters recruiting individuals or small groups of two or three people. Other companies will tend to favour whole group bookings.

Finally, it is prudent to keep a track of weather patterns, as a guide to knowing when to book your Gold Coast fishing charter. However it is noteworthy to say that boat captains vary in what they deeem to be safe weather to venture out in.

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