With My Wife’s Medical Management Finishing I Have Far More Time For Me At Last

It might be I’m getting old or my bed despises me, but I’m getting up in the morning with a painful left shoulder and today my neck hurts too. It’s very annoying as it hurts to lift my head straight. If I was to pull the fishing tackle out and run for the riverside today, I fear that fishing would be quite painful instead of what it should be, which is peaceful.

Angling is an opportunity for anyone to be able to spend some useful time by oneself, contemplate where life is taking one and what can be changed, what is going nicely and what isn’t. One gets so few opportunities to be by oneself and I honestly believe that could be a source for an acceleration of unwanted stress. For instance, I work at home, the present Mrs Izzard has also been at home on long term sick leave since being diagnosed with breast cancer in April last year. The best thing is that as I am at home, I have been able to help her, take and be with her when she’s been having chemo and radiotherapy and then following that when she’s been dealing with the side effects I can look after our son.

However, the converse was that, especially during the radiotherapy, which was each weekday, I wasn’t able to get down to doing any work. After the trip to the hospital and back, which was at least a 90 minute exercise, then driving Will to school, having a bite of lunch, getting Will again and coming home, there was rarely a period of an hour or more until late in the day when I could actually get down with doing anything which clearly meant that any prospect of taking the fishing tackle out of the garage and doing a bit of angling was all but impossible. This raises my stress levels a lot, with little prospect of taking a decent break.

What is forecast now is that things are clearing up. Chemo and radiotherapy is complete, and Mrs Izzard is looking to go back to work on January seventeenth which is very exciting. She will have to have an intravenous herceptin treatment every three weeks but there are no nasty side effects from that. So, because she will be fetching Will from nursery on her way home every day, it could be that if I wanted to, I could have a few hours of an afternoon doing some fishing at one of the local canals. I do need to get some new fishing tackle before I can get going, as well as get a rod licence and enrol in the Birmingham Angling Association to be qualified to fish the canals, but maybe I can get it all done by the time she returns to work.

Whether I can spend an afternoon fishing of course, will be dependant on work and if I can do enough done in the mornings to be able to leave it and swap the computer for the fishing tackle. Perhaps Friday afternoons will be the easiest to justify, but at least as I work for myself then I will know whether I absolutely can afford to bunk off.


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