Get The Very Best From Your MMA Training With The Right Plan

Want to be a better martial artist? Want to know an easy way to improve your skills?

Very simply put, you need to have a plan.

As with any goal, once you decide what you want and set an agenda to reach that goal you are more likely to achieve it. If you don’t you are probably not going to make much gains and could end up very frustrated.

It’s no different for your MMA game. You need to know what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there. Take time to determine your MMA goals, and then think through and create a step by step plan for reaching those goals.

I know this seems time consuming and probably boring, but it will save you time in the end and certainly move you forward on achieving your goals. Of course your plan can be flexible and will probably change as your skills change.

Start by setting a goal for the next 2- months. Some things you may want to consider are the areas you want to improve upon (cardio, strength, skill.) Do you want to develop striking, ground fighting or transitioning between the two? The more detailed your goals are, the easier it is to set a plan.

Once you determine your areas of focus and state a goal, break that goal into a step by step plan. Decide what you will need to do to achieve that goal and break that down into a weekly or daily routine. Be specific by including how much time you’ll spend throwing various punches, kicks, and/or working on your ground fighting.

You’ll want to include the training equipment you are going to use. For example will you do all you training in class, with sparring partners or use a freestanding heavy bag so you can train at home.

You’ll find that just the act of creating the plan will give you clarity on your training and keep you more focused and motivated while training. And it will be easier to stay on track even if you get off track for a while. It will be much easier to go back to it.

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