Using A 4 Drum Spill Pallet System Can Save On Paperwork

All of the chemicals that are used throughout the manufacturing process can and do get on the floor from time to time. These spills create one or both of two problems. The first one is, of course, a slip hazard and the second is the danger of the employees being exposed to something that may affect their health. These problems can be all but eliminated by the use of a 4 drum spill pallet system.

Every container that chemicals come in can leak. The issue of a spill comes about as that leak gets to the floor or other surface. Then the procedures, designed by the EPA must come into effect. There are many steps in this costly process. It begins with the reporting of this event and proceeds through the cleaning and verifications necessary to get back to work.

Upon noticing a spill of chemicals, the production line is to be shut down. All people involved in that line will be sent other places. Any uncontaminated materials will also be moved and barriers set against other people coming back in. Authorized hazardous material personnel will be called in to perform the necessary tasks to get the area cleaned up and back to work.

The hazardous material handling crew will have the training, equipment and supplies to deal with this contaminated area. The substance will be absorbed as much as possible and neutralizing chemicals will be used to make the entire area inert. All of the chemicals, picked up, will be containerized in special barrels for disposal.

The special neutralizing chemicals will ensure the area is safe to go back into. This agent, after being mopped up, will be placed into the barrel for disposal as well as the clothing used by the cleaners. A check the area for cleanliness and the verifications that must accompany the reports will be conducted.

The entire area will be checked and tested to ensure all chemical has been removed. The reporting to the local authorities will take some time as well as the possibility that a third party may have to verify the cleanliness. Final reports and the sending of the disposal drum to the proper location will also have to be done.

When using the 4 drum spill pallet system, the vast majority of this cleaning will not be needed. If a spill occurs, it flows down through the grates, on this pallet, and into the reservoir in the bottom. This pallet is made from a non reactive material with enough room to hold all of the chemical that is in the drums that are placed on it. That chemical will stay in the reservoir until it is cleaned out. When that leak occurs, the pallet can be moved away from that area and the process line continues to work. The drums are removed, drained and the chemical goes back to the area in a new container.

By making use of the 1, 2 and 4 drum spill pallet systems, you are making the entire plant safer and better able to handle the chemicals there. The reputation that can be saved is also something to think about. The money spent on cleaning should be used for the world class products instead of reports and wasted personnel time.

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