Easy To Do At Home Love Spells

Love spells have existed for many centuries now. Even during the medieval ages, those who practiced in the art of witchcraft and wizardry would use certain rituals to find love. That is why there are many women who are said to have attracted rich and handsome men even though these ladies were not very good looking.

Centuries ago, witches would make use of all kinds of spells to make the ones they loved share the same feelings. These days, this practice is still being done but not as apparent anymore. Now, people are learning how to perform these spells by themselves. So for those interested in learning, here are some simple ones.

The most common spell would be for a woman to find her soul mate. Now this could be done with a few things namely some paper, a pen, an envelope, some perfume, lipstick, and flower petals. Start off by writing what the qualities of a perfect man are. Seal it inside an envelope and cover the whole thing with perfume. After that, put in some of the petals and kiss the envelope with the lipstick. Then hide it somewhere so that no person can ever find it.

The next are for people who cannot find love because they think that they are ugly. Now the first thing one should do is to get five candles, position them to make the shape of a heart, and then put his picture in the center. Then he should ask Venus to make him look good. After that, he must thank Venus and then do a good deed to someone he hates.

For those who are longing for a love that they have lost, this ritual will work. First, one must get a green, red, yellow, and blue candle and place them on the north, south, east, and west corners respectively. Now grab a hold of two pink candles and stare at the red candles. Then pray to the Goddess of Beauty to bring back the lost love.

This one are for those who want to make sure that their loved one does not ever forget them. All one would need to do is to tie a red piece of yarn on his hand and find a quiet spot. Then he must chant the name of his loved one as well as his desires. In due time, his desires with his beloved will come true.

Of course, there is also another spell for those who already have a lover but want to keep their lover committed. This will be quite difficult to perform since it requires quite a bit of materials. The spell will require one put in a small bag some licorice, unicorn roots, cumin, marigold, and fresh rosemary on the bed of his lover.

So for those who want to perform some love spells to gain the attraction of the one they want, try some of these. Do remember that performing these rituals is very delicate. One little mistake may even be fatal.

Those who believe in new age arts may want to try out some love spells to win the interest and affection of their heart’s desire. There are love spells that work which can help them have the kind of love life they have always dreamed of which anyone can try.

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