Simple tips to avoid going back to drugs

For someone caught in the grip of drug addiction the world seems like a very harsh place where everyone and everything is out to deny them the comfort and escape they find from drugs. Even where the addicts realize that the drug is harming them they know it but they are unwilling or unable to stop using.

One of the reasons for this happening is that drugs will actually alter the way your brain works and affect the normal functioning of the body which is why addicts will suffer from withdrawal when they stop taking drugs. Many people end up as addicts because of an experience they had with prescription medicine that seemed harmless at the time but they now find themselves trapped.

Drugs such as Oxycontin are among the most commonly abused drugs out there as it contains oxycodone, which is a narcotic medication, used in the treatment of mild to severe pain. However those who abuse it do so because of the very strong high and euphoria it induces.

This drug is prescription only and most people who abuse it will obtain it using forged prescriptions or from people selling it illegally. What many users don’t realize is that when you stop taking it you experience severe oxycodone withdrawal which can be quite unbearable and last for weeks.

It is not all hopeless for people looking to be free from drugs or in rehabilitation programmes, they are some things they can do ensure they remain clean. They include:

1. Self honesty

The first step to recovery is to admit that you have a problem with a particular substance. Doing this will prepare you mentally to receive any help or advice that will be offered by an addiction counselor or doctor.

2. Join a recovery program

Most people like to think of themselves as having sufficient strength to do it on their own, unfortunately with addiction this is not the case as you cannot get out without professional help. Joining a recovery program is one way of ensuring you are successful.

3. Thinking beyond sobriety

Recovery should look beyond just being free or sober from substance use and abuse. You need to find out the things that got you into addiction in the first place and then take care of them to keep them from happening again.

4. Amendments

Addiction takes a heavy personal toll on the person not only financially but also personally alienating friends and family. You need to make amends with these people to regain their love and trust once more.

5. Learning to face difficulty

You need to realize that difficulties will come in your life but you don’t need to relapse to deal with them.

6. Learn to value relationships

Family or friends are there for you in your good and bad times; learn to appreciate them as you recover. Most of the times they are the ones who will be there for you when no one else is.

It may seem like the tips mentioned are all too easy or obvious to be of any good but a lot of the times you will find that great problems are solved by simple things that were not considered.

About the Author: Jay Moses works as a chemist and also writes a blog on oxycodone where he shares the risks of overdosing on this drug

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