Creating Beautiful Beaded Handmade Jewelry

Precious and semi precious stones are found worldwide in a great majority of kinds. They can be found in most every retail shop in a variety of styles price ranges. Beaded handmade jewelry is a special art form that is coveted by many. The cut and color of each piece makes it one of the most unique items to be found today.

Original creations began when man first discovered these stones. Their beauty was like nothing they had seen before and the beads soon became a means for a number of decorative purposes. Among them was the use of making items that could be worn to adorn the body in the form of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Beads became an adornment to almost anything one could think of and they symbolized wealth and prosperity at one time.

The materials that beads were made from were numerous. Some of the more common elements were metal, ivory, bone, glass, and even paper. Many different kinds of gemstones were also used. With so much to work with the human race was introduced to an art form that held unparalleled attraction to the vast majority of people. Artisan further enhanced the beauty of the stone by painting elegant embellishments on them.

These stones were also given meaning by the people and the place where they were found. The American Indian was perhaps one group of people who used beads in many functions and having come from the earth they gave them meaning. One well documented stone of the Indian is the turquoise. This is most likely because the Indian felt this stone was at one with the earth or signified the sky an freedom. Early religions said the ruby stood for the blood of Christ.

Perhaps the greatest draw in beading is found with every creation being different from the other. As no two stones are identical, neither are the items that are produced from them. Even the worlds most advanced artisan cannot produce duplicates due to the variations of the naturally occurring stones found in the earth.

People from all walks of life are attracted to this art form. This type of jewelry is worn by people from all walks of life from the wealthiest of individuals to the average homemaker and worker. The price can range from a few dollars to the thousands of dollars depending on the type of bead that is used in the creation of a piece.

Beaded jewelry can hold its own against the most popular stones known to man. Even the diamond, that is occasionally used in beading, cannot surpass the beauty there is to be found in any of these hand crafted pieces. Nothing can match the one of a kind design that is found when it comes to articles made of beading.

Another draw of beaded handmade jewelry is that it is a craft from that can be learned by many. If you are a craft person of any kind, you may find that with a bit of practice you can become adept at producing some very fine pieces of your own. Many have taken this part-time craft and worked it into a full time and lucrative business.

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