Why Handmade Wire Jewelry Is Truly Some Of The Most Exquisite To Wear

The delicacy of certain kinds of handmade wire jewelry bring an exquisite beauty to the wearer. Some are formed to look very traditional, while others are woven, knit, or crocheted to create lacy adornments. The skill of the artisan is readily apparent, and the investment certainly worthwhile.

All of the common precious metals are represented in this type of jewelry. Gold, silver, copper, bronze and platinum are used. A jeweler will often feature one predominantly in any given collection. Antique fashions are as popular as contemporary lines. There are special chemical treatments used to develop surface patina on pieces destined to have the look of a true antique. Contrasting these are highly polished surfaces in strikingly modern designs.

For those who enjoy wearing edgy, futuristic styles, the shiniest metals are fashioned into precise lines with unexpected designs. Those who prefer the look of antiques can enjoy pieces created using traditional woven patterns. It is common for the weaving techniques to be handed down for generations. It is also common that a particular technique is gleaned from studying ancient Viking or Celtic designs. These precious metals allow the artist to develop collections that suit many tastes.

Bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings are made with only precious metal, or combined with beautiful pearls or stones. With care, some craftsmen will thread the wires right through the gems so that they are totally enclosed within the loops and swirls of each design. Others will create metal structures which encircle the gemstones to keep them inside. Either method produces light and airy works of art which are easy to wear. This can be most noticeable with collectors who wear pierced earrings. Traditional jewelry findings can often be heavy when combined with stones, forcing some to take them off quite soon. But the lighter wire art pieces allow for wearing these beautiful earrings for hours.

Though the thin, fairy-like strands are certainly appealing, not all artisans use them. There are those who prefer to work with hammered and forged wide bands. These use artistic motifs produced by the tools themselves. Coils are common, but also simple bends and twists. The indentations created when hammers meet metals are often evident.

These unique loops and coils often feature beautiful glass or crystal beads. Artists often enjoy using recycled or ocean glass as part of their intertwined designs. Some will highlight only the metal, using it the develop geometrically precise bead coils in ovals, cubes or spheres. Making unique closures and clasps to complement their designs is all part of the art.

One distinct advantage for purchasing wire rings is that they are often created to be flexible. Unlike traditional sizes, these are often pliable enough to wrap for the individual. For this reason, some say that they are more comfortable to wear. It also makes it much more easy to plan for passing these on as family heirlooms.

Collecting handmade wire jewelry pieces is one way to have distinctive art pieces. Some of the unique sets are destined to become family heirlooms, as artists focus on their own signature styles. Buying directly from the artist supports them as well as providing the buyer with exquisite pieces that they can truly enjoy wearing.

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