How to Write a Good Blog Title

It is very easy to write a good blog title that will draw your reader in. Your blog title is the first thing people see. Therefore writing a good headline is essential for your online success. In order for one to even consider looking at your article, they often look at your headline first.

Writing a good title is not as hard as one may think. There are several time-tested methods you can employ when coming up with your titles. In fact I have included three proven methods.

“How to” Articles

It is a known fact that “How to” articles pulls in major traffic. When people are researching a particular topic, your article will answer their needs.

This is why most equipment comes with instructions. “How to” articles appeals to a person ego and will keep them coming back for more. A good blog headline will answer the question “what’s in it for me.” People want to know if your article will be an asset or a waste of time. They will often draw this conclusion based on your blog title.

Benefits, Benefits, & more Benefits

A good blog title will let the reader know if your article will meet them at their point of need. People are very selfish and they want to know if your article will profit them or not. They will often draw their conclusion based on your headline. When you write your headline, always write it with your target audience in mind.

Examples of a blog title stating a benefit:

How to win the heart of any woman

How to pick winning lottery ticket numbers

How to build a profitable business online with no money

User Friendly Keywords

It is very important to make your keywords user friendly. It is important to do keyword research and use your keywords in your blog title for SEO purposes, however if your blog title looks boring no one is going to want to read your article.

Therefore you need to spice up your blog title so your readers will click through to get to your blog. One way to do this is by using adjectives. The use of one adjective will determine whether or not your article will get read.

Examples of adjectives in blog title

How to write a killer blog post that will draw in your readers till the very last sentence

How to sponsor more reps in less time using this step by step formula

Bonus: j

Here are some more proven blog templates that will attract readers to your blog

Who Else Wants To self-publish a book with little or no money

The Secret of getting your manuscript publish on the first try

Little Known Facts about coronary heart disease and how to avoid it

As you can see your headline can make or break your blog post. “How to” articles always make a reader clicks because it answers the “what’s in it for me” question. It is important to use your keywords in your blog title but you have to make your keywords user friendly.

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